Joy's nickname: "Bea" Joy

"Bea" meaning "one who brings Good News" 

Joy received this nickname after victoriously overcoming one of the darkest, and seemingly hopeless, seasons of her life.  Combined with her birth name "Joy", her nickname "Bea" becomes a joy-filled pun pronounced "Be a Joy!"  She has a heart for encouraging others and is passionate about sharing HOPE with joyous Good News  everywhere she is called to do so. 

Joy's Purpose:

 Joy passionately shares inspiring messages of HOPE. She's an energetic encourager, inspirational speaker, writer, poet, a.k.a.  

"The  JoyfulVOICE Encourager" —

  Victorious Overcomer IChrist Everyday 

who encourages others to invest daily in discovering and fully embracing the inheritance of the abundant life rooted in a life infused with authentic inner JOY.  She shares this secret: a joy-filled life overflowing with HOPE is available and accessible to all who would be bold to diligently seek for and seize their full inheritance. 

(Carpe Diem! Seize the DAY!)

 embracing a life of Joy that leads to overflowing HOPE

Seize the Abundant LIFE



every day! 

About "Bea" Joy Christianna Baldoz