You're a Diamond

                   by Joy Christianna Baldoz    

Rough  on the outer surface

Layers to who you are

Bit by bit The Masterpiece-maker

is shaping your precious heart

What's hidden underneath

Your Maker already knows

A vision of brilliance and potential in you

Even thought it might not fully show

But did you know?

               You're a diamond!

Just needing to be set free!

A diamond in the rough

That's meant to shine brilliantly!

Did  you know?

Has anyone ever told you so?

Well, just in case you didn't know

I'll say it again

And may the whole world know

               You're a diamond!

You might not believe that this is true

But there's SOMEONE who lovingly

believes in you...

               You're a diamond!

You're so treasured!

You're so precious!

A diamond to be set free!

ALL diamonds in the rough

are meant to shine brilliantly! 

So listen...

'cause it's true

This is a message for me and you  

That we are in this world 
as part of an amazing, grand story
And we are meant to shine, shine, shine 

for God's glory

               We are diamonds!

So be encouraged when you're sad
and I hope on the days that might seem bad

Never fear

'Cause God is near

                You're His diamond!

Believe in your worth
You are priceless and you have an important purpose to fulfill on earth
Your God-designed destiny was set in place 
even before your birth

                    You're a diamond!

Is it true?
Really true?
That we are designed to shine brightly?
Me and you?

It is true, it is true

                   We are diamonds!

If your dreams are on a shelf
because you have doubts about yourself

Just surrender to The Masterpiece-maker
Who knows you best
You're designed with gifts and talents, and
when you use them you'll be blessed

                   You're His diamond!

When you doubt your value and abilities
Surrender to becoming more of who you're
meant to be

For your Masterpiece-maker wants
the whole world to see

                  You're His diamond!

And on days for me that might seem bad
I'll remember you're a blessing
that makes me glad

                  You're my diamond!

But Who and what you really need to know
Is God, The Masterpiece-maker of the most
and He longs each day to let you know...

You're so treasured!
You're so precious!
A diamond to be set free!
'Cause all diamonds in the rough
are meant to shine brilliantly!   

Just know

Who you are

You are destined to shine bright as a star

With your faith in action

Your destiny is not far


                  You're a diamond!


As a special part of a Divinely-designed story

Know and BE who you're designed and chosen to be


                              Embrace your              





Go forth and SHINE BRIGHT

as a signet diamond ring for God's ultimate glory

                       You're a DIAMOND!