When you hire poet/speaker/writer Joy Christianna B for your next women's ministry or young ladies/teen event, you can expect your ladies to feel that they are understood, not alone, and not forgotten in seasons of sorrow and suffering.

Through poetry and her key message "I Didn't Give Up...because of H.O.P.E. with JOY", Joy shares her personal testimony about God's faithfulness while walking through her own seasons of sorrow and suffering. Your women will come away refreshed and inspired with key takeaways to help them press on and keep rejoicing all the way to the Heavenly finish line....while remembering not to give up because of H.O.P.E. that is theirs forever and always.

Here's what women who have been touched and inspired by Joy have said:

“Love how you are always spreading Joy. I’m reminded to be more joyful, even in difficult circumstances. I love your willingness to share truth even when it may be uncomfortable. You inspire me to work on my relationship with Jesus. Meeting you was not a coincidence …. I truly feel blessed to know you. ” ---Christy M, CA

“I truly believe you are a messenger whose message is sent from the beyond. ---Carla D

“You’re a living, breathing prayer and a BALL of Energy for the Lord! I was blessed to meet you.”

                                                                                                                                               ---Mary Papaj, Arizona
“I am so encouraged!” ---Marla A, CA